When implementing ambitious goals, there are always situations where friction arises between project participants.

We do not avoid this friction.

We rise to the challenge and use its creative potential to drive innovative projects forward. Together as a team with our customers, doctors, developers and programmers.

The secret of our success is simple...

  • you combine creative concepts,
  • innovative ideas,
  • technical know-how,
  • always give his best and
  • also have fun doing it.
Medical Videos

Animated surgical techniques for joint replacement, Product presentations, Advertisements, Short clips, 3D animations, Educational videos, Tutorials, Animated surgical techniques, and much more.

Medical Illustrations

Anatomy drawings, Surgical procedure, Disease progression visuals, Patient education graphics, 3D modeling of organs, Medical equipment representation, Cellular and molecular illustrations, Infographics for health data, Pharmaceutical mode-of-action diagrams, and much more.

Software in the Medical Field

Electronic health record (EHR) management, Medical simulations,  Medical research and data analysis, Patient portal management, Virtual reality in medical training, GUI development for medical applications and much more.

medical 3D Animation & Videos.

Introducing Medical 3D Animation and Videos. A groundbreaking approach to visualizing complex medical concepts with unprecedented accuracy and clarity.

Medical Accuracy: Ensure content is medically precise and detailed to avoid misinformation.

Visual Quality: Prioritize high-resolution, engaging visuals for audience retention.

Target Audience: Tailor content complexity according to the target audience's needs.

Review Process: Implement a thorough review and revision stage to correct potential errors.

medical 3D illustrations.

Presenting Medical 3D Illustrations: an innovative way to bring intricate medical concepts to life, offering an exceptional level of detail and understanding.

Precision and Detail: Medical 3D illustrations must be anatomically precise and detailed to accurately convey complex structures and functions.

Aesthetic Quality: Ensure high-resolution, visually compelling 3D images to effectively engage viewers.

Audience Consideration: Adapt the complexity of 3D illustrations to the understanding level of the target audience.

Verification Stage: Include a comprehensive review and revision phase to rectify any potential inaccuracies.

Software Solutions for Medical Technology

Introducing Supportive Software in Medicine: a technologically advanced approach to enhancing healthcare delivery, improving patient outcomes, and streamlining medical processes.

Functionality: The software should deliver efficient, reliable, and user-friendly functions to support healthcare professionals in their tasks.

Interoperability: It's crucial that the software can seamlessly integrate with other systems in a healthcare setting, ensuring smooth data transfer and communication.

Security and Compliance: The software must adhere to stringent security protocols to protect sensitive patient data and meet all relevant compliance regulations.

Technical Support: Effective and responsive technical support is crucial for troubleshooting issues and maintaining smooth operations in a medical setting.

Real-Time 3D Simulation.

A New Dimension in Interactive Learning and Experience

Interactive Learning: Real-time 3D simulations offer a hands-on, interactive approach to learning, allowing users to manipulate variables and immediately see the effects.

Enhanced Understanding: These simulations can present complex medical scenarios or procedures in a visual and dynamic way, enhancing comprehension and retention of information.

Personalized Learning Pace: With real-time 3D simulations, users can control the speed of the simulation, pausing, rewinding or repeating certain sections as needed, thereby facilitating a learning pace that suits their individual needs.

Improved Preparedness: By practicing in a simulated environment, users can better prepare for real-life situations, potentially improving performance and patient outcomes.


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